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Zimmar Terms And Conditions

Zimmar Terms And Conditions 24/07/2020

By using our website (zimmar.co.uk) you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Because content on our website is created by advertisers we are not held responsible for any errors or any losses that could occur from the use of our website.

Adverts remain property of the customer and will remain on this website until the customer removes or requests removal of there advert or they expire.

Zimmar.co.uk is available for users in the United Kingdom and Ireland Only.

Advert descriptions, titles, contact details etc are the responsibility of the customers and the customers duty to make sure they are correct.

By using our service you are agreeing for people to contact you about your freead.

Sending spam messages on Zimmar or using Zimmar for illegal or fraudulent purposes will result in being banned from using zimmar.

zimmar.co.uk is not held responsible for the validity of contact details submitted or displayed by members or advertisers nor do we guarantee a reply to questions being sent.

Zimmar.co.uk may change at anytime and is provided on a as is basis. Zimmar.co.uk may change these terms & conditions without prior notice to you and may change them at anytime.

Zimmar may not be used for illegal activity in any way or form.

Adverts which are deemed fraudulent or illegal will be removed from zimmar.

Our main purpose for storing your information is for your freead details to be displayed. The information we collect and hold are first name, email adddress and advert details.

Advert details are displayed to guests who view your public advertisement.

Advertisement details remain on zimmar.co.uk for a certain period from when they are submitted depending on the advert type, However users can extend this using the link in the expiry email or there account.

Freeads and freebies expire in 1 month. Business and Communities expire after 1 year.

We remove adverts where information is inaccurate or we become aware of inaccurate information.

Personal information is used solely by staff for administration purposes. We do not share your data with any third parties.

In order to request access to Your personal information Please contact us on admin@zimmar.co.uk

We will respond to your request for your personal information within 7 days.

We may disclose your personal information if requested for the reasons below.

To comply with any legal obligations. This includes data requests for criminal investigations.

By registering or using our website you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

zimmar.co.uk reserves the right to change these terms and condition at anytime without prior notice.

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